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Work Permit

USA is the world's largest economy and has a high per capita income. The country has high living standards and offers several opportunities for skilled professionals in escalating on the career ladder. For working in the US, the citizens of other nations are required to obtain a US work visa.

The US government issues various types of visas to individuals who wish to work in the US. Each type of visa has different eligibility criteria and is valid for the mentioned period. For entry into the USA for working, you must either have an employer-related visa that authorizes you to work for a particular employer, a work permit also known as employment authorization document, or Green card also known as a permanent resident card.

Various categories of workers are allowed to work in the United States. These include temporary workers which are authorized to work for a specific purpose, permanent workers who are permitted to reside and work permanently in the US, and students and exchange visitors who may work in the United States under special circumstances. Experts at RCIC help you in receiving the work permit for working in the United States.

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Obtaining a US work visa is not an easy task and the application undergoes detailed scrutiny. The process is complicated and time-consuming. Experts at RCIC help you in obtaining the US work permit visa by offering support during the application process.

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