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USA Visit Visa (B1/B2)

National security is on the priority list of all the countries and developed countries, where people from other nations frequently travel, maintains a strict security protocol while issuing an approval for entry to people of other countries. The United States of America is one of those countries where security protocols are hard to breach. The security check at the airports for traveling to the US is an excellent blend of technology and human interference which is enough to irritate the travelers. Once you have issued a red card, meaning something is wrong either with your credentials or with your luggage, you are kept in isolation in a waiting area. It is not a great feeling when you are in a mood of vacations. It is, thus, advised the people who travel to the US to take services of the best immigration agency to avoid such situations.

If you require authentic and transparent information related to USA visit visa (B1/B2), contact RCIC, which is a regulatory body for international immigration and professionally disseminates the information to its customers.

Individuals visit the USA for different purposes. Some visit to attend a business meeting or business event while others visit to enjoy vacations. It is important to note that the government of the United States issues different visas for different purposes and people on one type of visa should refrain from doing things that are not permitted under that visa. By taking the help of the expert immigration professionals, you would be able to make differentiation among what tasks can be carried out and what is not permitted under a particular visa.

The B1 visa is issued by the US for business purposes while the B2 visa is tourists or “Visitor for Pleasure (tourist) Visa”. Many individuals club their journey in such a way that while on a B2 visa i.e. tourist visas, they attend business events or business meetings. However, it is not permitted. The business event is an engagement of individuals related to investments and purchases, negotiations, hiring staff, conducted researches, taking an interview, and attend business meetings. In such cases, the joint B1/B2 visa can be issued. However, people on either joint B1/B2 visa or either of them are not permitted to accept employment in the United States, attend the college or school as regular students, and perform in professional sports or act as entertainers.

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RCIC, a regulatory body for international immigrations, assists the customers in obtaining USA visit visa (B1/B2). For more information on USA visit visa services, contact our immigration experts.

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