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Because of its high standard in studies, US has the maximum number of international students all over the world. With the presence of 7 of the top 10 Universities of the world, 5% of the enrollment in higher education in the United States is of international students and this number has been increasing year-on-year. Currently, with over 1 million international students, the United States has come to a long distance from just around 35000 students in the mid-1950s.

To obtain a USA study visa for your child, always trust the professional experts who have gained ample experience in guiding through the application procedure.

RCIC extends its support to people who have any queries related to obtaining a USA study permit. The services of RCIC extend to the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. RCIC is established to protect the investment of the customers by providing authentic information related to USA visa.

The international students are provided with enough opportunities in the US. The education system of the country offers an outstanding curriculum with more emphasis on ideas and discussions. Programs related to traditional discipline and professional field are provided to the undergraduate level students. The practical knowledge is provided to the student at the graduate level and they have the opportunity to share a common space with the best brains of the respective field. The US is the alma mater of many world-known personalities of academicians, politicians, businessmen, and researchers. The extracurricular activities are given high priorities in the US.

The student should apply to the university of choice before applying for a visa. After getting confirmation from the university, the student is eligible to apply for the student visa. Although the application for a student visa is not complicated but may take some time for processing. After the processing of the application, the interview of the student is conducted at the Embassy. It is highly recommended to book an interview appointment as soon as possible as a student visa can be issued almost 4 months before the start of the University program. Any error in the application form or any glitch during the interview process may lead to delay in the process and the risk of missing the academic session also increases.

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RCIC extends its support to the parents and children in solving the queries related to the USA study visa. By providing the detailed and correct information, RCIC ensures that the applicant has a hassle-free experience during the processing of the application.