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Marriage/Fiancé Visa

The distances between nations are no longer a hindrance for the people who want to cross borders for a better living, employment or study. Individuals are rapidly moving to developed countries such as the USA to improve their living standards and to experience a vibrant life. When a person settles in another country, it is now time to bring the family there. The developed cities, with a lot of opportunities, are now becoming the hub of cultural diversities. However, for making entry into the United States, the majority of the people had to apply for a visa.

If a person with US citizenship wants to marry a person of different nationals, a special type visa is to be applied. There are three different variants of the US marriage visa. A non-immigrant visa is required in those conditions when the immigrant visa form is submitted by the spouse to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, but the immigrant visa is not yet issued. An immigrant visa is required in those conditions when either the couple is planning to get married outside the US or they have already got married and the spouse is planning to shift to the US. In such a condition, a special form is to be submitted by the spouse at the Embassy under the immediate relative category. The conditional resident status may be obtained by the applicant provided that the couple has married for less than two years from the date there was an entry of one of the spouses in the United States on an immigrant visa. Fiancé visa is another variant of a US marriage visa which is issued in case the applicant travels into the United States for getting married to a US citizen and has an indefinite period of stay.

Comprehensive and detailed information is required to fill in all the above variants of US marriage visas. Taking help from the professionals experienced enough to handle such applications saves time and avoids hassles during the application process.

Interested in USA Marriage/Fiancé Visa?

RCIC is a regulatory council for international immigration and offers a variety of services related to the US Marriage/Fiancé visa. RCIC provides services as per the local rules and regulations.

Interested in USA Marriage/Fiancé Visa?