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The UK is situated in the northwestern part of Europe. The UK comprises of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England. The United Kingdom consists of both the low lands and the hilly areas. Important rivers flowing through the UK are the Thames, The Humber, and Seven. London, the capital of the United Kingdom, has the largest metropolitan area and is also the financial hub of the United Kingdom.

Visitors are attracted due to its fast lifestyle, rich cultural heritage, cuisines, arts, and fashion. The UK is one of the largest tourist destinations with major attractions such as fabulous Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Natural History Museum, Scottish National War Memorial, Kew Gardens, Trafalgar Square, Stone of Destiny and Windsor Castle.

With a high per-capita income, United Kingdom is the sixth-largest economy of the world. The service sector comprises the maximum part of GDP and is having the world's third-largest reserve currency. The United Kingdom has an advanced education system with many universities ranked in top universities all over the world.

UK Visa Services

Individuals from any other country, who are not allowed to move freely to to-and-fro from the United Kingdom must obtain a visa to visit the country for any purpose. Various types of visas are issued depending upon the purpose for visit. People on the visa are bounded by certain terms and conditions which the visa holder must follow in the United Kingdom. Grant of visa for the UK is under the territorial authority of the UK government and is issued on the application along with necessary documents. Documentation requirements, eligibility criteria, and application process are updated from time to time.

The most common types of UK visas include investor visa, tourist visa, business visa, marriage visa, work visa and study visa. Applying for any type of visa for entry into the UK is quite complex and time-consuming. Because of the risk of national security, strict guidelines are in place for issuing a UK visa. RCIC helps the individuals in making this process easy by guiding him throughout the application process.

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