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Work Permit

People from other countries, who wish to work in the UK should require a work visa. Till November 2008, to inspire the skilled professional to enter the United Kingdom, the UK work permit scheme was in place. After that, it was replaced by the Tier 2 work permit which is point-based immigration. The UK, with strong economic growth, provides several opportunities in the education arena, automotive and aerospace industry and agriculture and financial sector. It is one of the most desirable countries by those individuals who wants a quick escalation in their career.

Strict rules for issuing Tier 2 work permits are in place. This leads to the requirement of immigration services for applying and obtaining the UK Tier 2 work permit. The work permit is based on a point system thus has a different context according to the industry. The work permit is issued to those individuals who want to come in the UK for a job position which is not fulfilled by a UK citizen Further, the sponsor should be a registered company and the individual should be financially strong to bear the living costs in the UK.

With the work permit, the individual has the chance to obtain permanent residence after working for four years in the UK and gains the experience of many highly professional multinational companies. However, the application process and documentation are cumbersome and RCIC extends its support in providing fair and honest guidance for obtaining UK tier 2 work permit.

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