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Quality education develops a positive perspective towards life and it makes the person more prepared for facing challenges in life. The UK is known for its quality education and many universities in the UK are ranked among top universities in the world. It is the second-largest destination for international students after the USA.

In the UK education system, more emphasis is given on skills development, critical thinking, and approach to solving a problem. This is the reason why the degree given by the UK universities are accepted worldwide by employers. Students visiting the UK for higher education come in close contact with the fabulous student lifestyle, novel cultural experience and chance to get experience form the renowned educators.

UK study visa requirements depend upon factors such as duration of the course, type of education and the name of the educational institution. For the short-term course, many students may opt for a visit visa rather than a study visa. Obtaining a student study visa is a complex and lengthy process. RCIC is a regulatory council for immigration services that provide honest and transparent information to the students and their parents throughout the application process.

Although students of all ages are eligible for getting a student study visa, they must fulfill the minimum criteria to apply for this visa. The applicant should prove his proficiency in English by passing the TOEFL or IELTS test. Students wishing to enroll in higher education should have minimum work experience. Apart from this, the immigration examiner should also analyze the financial condition of the applicant and his ability to bear the study costs.

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RCIC is one of its kind regulatory council for immigration services which not only maintains the professional conduct in immigration services but is also takes responsibility for providing detailed and procedural information related to UK student Visa/Permit.


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