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Investor Visa

Money when kept idle results in loss due to reduced future value. Surplus money should be invested in high growth projects resulting in gaining more profit. However, the investment should be made after analyzing the growth proposition of the business. Not only the characteristic of the project is important but the country in which the money is invested also impacts the overall viability of the investment. There is no better place than investing in the United Kingdom which is one of the strongest economies of the world. Tier 1 investor visa is required for foreign investors who wish to invest in the UK.

For issuing Tier 1 investor visa, comprehensive procedural formalities and documentation are required. For getting assistance in obtaining this visa, you should contact RCIC which is known for providing authentic and detailed information related to investor visas for the UK. The experts at RCIC extend services to analyze the financial status of individual and other eligibility criteria for the UK investor visa.

The investment in the UK mutually benefits the investor as well as the country. An investor gets a high return on his investment while the country gains momentum in job creation and overall economic growth. The individual may obtain a UK investor visa for a maximum of 3 years which may later be extended. The minimum disposable capital with individual wishes to apply for an investor visa is £1,000,000.

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You should always opt for the best immigration agency for services related to the UK Tier-1 investor visa. RCIC is an immigration regulatory council that offers the best guidance during your application process for the UK investor visa.

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