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The RCIC.COM Website (“Site”) is maintained by RCIC. As a user of the RCIC website, you are bound to adhere to the terms of use, privacy policy, and the laws and regulations that govern the website. RCIC reserves the right to alter the terms of use any time after they are posted on the website. Hence, please make sure that you check this page periodically. Any updates will be depicted on the bottom of the ‘Terms of Use’ section. Any violation of the terms of use gives the right to RCIC to terminate your website usage in the future as well. If the need arises, legal action will be taken against you.


The license granted to you is limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, and revocable, which allows you to use and access the website if you adhere to the Terms of Use. In case of any issue, RCIC has the right to change, discontinue, or even suspend any feature of the site and at any given time. The company also has a right to restrict your entire website access or some of its features and services without any prior notice or liability. You will be debarred from the right to use proprietary software and related documentation if access to any of it is provided to you. Also, you shall not directly or indirectly own, use, rent, lease, loan, license, sublicense, sell, assign, translate, alter, copy, adapt, or create any new or derivative works.

Except as provided in the Terms of Use, you shall have no right to directly or indirectly, own, use, loan, sell, rent, lease, license, sublicense, assign, copy, translate, modify, adapt, improve, or create any new or derivative works from, or distribute, perform, dismay or exploit (in any way) the site, or its media, software or contents in part or whole.


The Domicile country for RCIC is United Arab Emirates from where all the operations are controlled. RCIC makes no representation that the site should be used in other locations. And if you do so, you must comply with the local laws. Any attempt to use, export, or re-export materials from this site should be conducted in compliance with any of the applicable laws and should not be limited to U.A.E export laws and regulations.


The use of the site and the Terms of Use of RCIC will be governed by the Laws of United Arab Emirates, even if conflicts of laws exist. The court of competent jurisdiction shall hear any dispute within the country.


The currency & price selected for payment by you will reflect on the currency and price charged to the Card and receipt provided.


RCIC will not indulge in trade or deliver services to individuals and business entities that are owned /controlled by, acting for/on behalf of OFAC targeted nations and groups, including entities such as but not limited to narcotics traffickers/ terrorists labeled under the OFAC programs that are not specific to a country.


The payment for all products and services are accepted by RCIC in AED by MasterCard or Visa-based debit and credit cards. In the case of online purchases, the purchaser has to adhere to the terms and conditions as laid by the respective merchant service providers. It is in your best interest to review the user agreement and privacy policy of the respective merchant service provider before entering into any transaction. These terms and conditions are above all the written and oral communications concerning the areas discussed in Terms of Use. Any waiver or modification in these Terms of Use will apply only if conducted in writing and signed by an authorized officer of RCIC. Refunds will be processed in line with the original payment mode.


Visiting this site is a representation, covenant or warranty that you are 18 years (at least) or above. Customers who are under 18 years should not register as a website user or transact or use the site. All materials submitted by you to RCIC for inclusion on the site shall not be plagiarized or infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party such as copyright, privacy, patent, trade secret, trade dress, or any other proprietary or personal rights.


You agree that you are the only authorized individual to visit, view and retain the website pages for your personal use and shall not download, print, duplicate, alter or distribute the material of this site for any other use unless authorized by RCIC. Neither should you deep-link the website for a purpose other than permitted by RCIC. The software, media and content on this site is the sole property of RCIC. The cardholder should retain a transaction copy with inclusion of the merchant rules and policies.


As a user of RCIC site, it is your responsibility to maintain confidentiality of your account, safeguard your password, AND restrict account access from any device connected/used. You shall accept your sole responsibility for any activity that occurs from your account or password. The site does not hold responsibility or liability on a direct or indirect basis in case any damage or loss of any kind that occurs due to failure of compliance of site usage.


RCIC restricts you to use this website for any commercial purpose such as carrying out sales of merchandise or services. Prior written consent is needed from RCIC in case you wish to make any commercial offer on the site, be it in the form of solicitations, advertising, or any other communication format. In case of any violation, RCIC has the complete authority to take appropriate legal action followed by the removal of the offending communication from the website and bar the violator from site usage in future.


Due to the presence of technicalities, the site can produce those search results that link to 3rd party sites on the World Wide Web on which RCIC does not have control. Neither does the company represent or warrants the content to be truthful, lawful, or inoffensive. RCIC is not involved in endorsing the content or media of any 3rd party site nor does it represent or warrants these sites for the presence of the virus or other malicious content that may harm your computer. In case you use the site to identify link to other websites, you confirm your agreement that you cannot raise a claim against RCIC in case of any associated damage or loss that may arise. In case you have any issues with the third party link from the site, please notify us at immediately.


If any user utilizes the site for unlawful transmission of copyrighted material without a prior written consent, or license, valid defense or even a fair use exemption, RCIC has the right to terminate the privileges of the user. If you submit any information on the site, provision of warranty is mandatory that the information submitted does not cause infringement of the copyrights or any such rights of the 3rd party.


RCIC has no responsibility towards the quality, authenticity or accuracy of the content submitted by users or compilations of data, media, text, or any other information to RCIC site. The online materials of RCIC site are the intellectual property of RCIC and protected by international intellectual property laws. It is against the law to copy or redistribute whole or a portion of online materials of RCIC site without prior written consent of RCIC, except if permitted expressly and specifically under the usage terms.

RCIC is and will remain the exclusive property owner of all online contents and media of RCIC site. All rights, interests, and titles to and in the materials will solely remain vested to RMS. The user will have no right to own, utilize, duplicate, rent, sell, loan, lease, license, sublicense, assign or redistribute, the online material either directly or indirectly unless it is stated expressly and explicitly in terms of use. The terms of use conveyed here and above do not provide you title, right or interest use the Online Materials of RCIC site directly or indirectly for creating a product for resale or use the materials in a way that competes with RCIC, unless explicitly permitted.

You hereby agree and acknowledge that RCIC owns all rights, interests, and titles to copy, translate, alter or adapt derivative work or improve the online materials provided by or for you. At the request of RCIC, if there is a need to execute, or get access to the execution of any instrument, then it is needed to assign the titles, interests, or rights to RCIC.


RCIC raises no warranty or a representation of any such kind, be it implicated or expressed, including but not limiting to the title warranty, or non-infringement, or merchantability or purposive fitness implied warranty, or violation of rights in regards to the validity, accuracy, reliability, or availability of the site content and/or the site itself. RCIC also does not warrant or represent the reliability or accuracy of the opinions, advice, statement, or any other information that has been submitted, uploaded, or exhibited via the website by any user. RCIC should also not be held liable for any damage (direct/indirect/special/incidental/ consequential), lost profits or business disruption that happens on account of the failure to use the site even if RCIC is aware of the chances of damage. Some of the jurisdictions may prohibit the exclusion of some warranties or limitations of liability hence the said limitations or exclusions may not be applicable to you. In this case, the liability of RCIC will be limited to the maximum possible extent of liability allowed by law.


You agree and understand that RCIC has sole discretion to terminate your site access without prior notice. RCIC can exercise any other solution or altogether remove any unlawful user information if the provided information is inconsistent with the terms of use or violates the rights of RCIC. It should also be noted that any monetary damage will not offer sufficient remedial action to RCIC for violating the terms of use. User information if needed by the law or subpoena shall be released by RCIC.


You consent to indemnity RCIC, and associated subsidiaries, partners, officers, affiliates, employees, and other related personnel from any claim, loss, demand or liability, inclusive of reasonable fees of attorneys through 3rd party that arise due to your use of RCIC site and/or another site provided as a link during RCIC site usage, or uploading content or any other form of media on the site or breach of terms of use.


Through the provision of online materials to RCIC either by submitting or uploading the content to be used on site, you warrant that you retain the ownership or copyright to the material or content, and grant RCIC an irrevocable world-wide right in all languages to use as well as exploit all or a part of content provided by you. RCIC shall have the right to publish and distribute the submitted material or content by any of the existing method or the one that will be developed later. You agree to waive all the claims and have no recourse against RCIC for any infringement or misappropriation of the proprietary rights in any content, online material, or communication submitted to RCIC. Any material or communication sent by the user to RCIC will be treated as non-proprietary and non- confidential and may be distributed or utilized by RCIC for the purpose that includes but is not limited to development, creation or marketing of products or services.


The site may have a presence of advertisements and/or sponsorships that are managed and held accountable by their respective advertisers and/or sponsors for accurate and legal compliance. RCIC should not be held responsible for any of the acts or omissions undertaken by any of the advertiser or sponsor.


If the provisions related to terms of use become void, invalid or unenforceable, the retained requirements will nevertheless be applicable in full force. The headings and the section headers mentioned in this agreement are primarily for the convenience of reviewing the terms of use and do not describe, limit or extend the provisions.

Service Delivery Policy

  • - Payment confirmation email will be submitted by RCIC upon receipt to the consumer.
  • - For each payment confirmation, the time duration to reach the client is 5 minutes or less.
  • - The locations in which clients can avail RCIC services includes UAE, GCC and the Middle East.

Pricing of Services

The consultancy fee charged by RCIC is a one-time payment of AED 10,000. However, the consultancy fee may vary based on the case to case evaluation as well as the overall situation of the client.


In case the client migrates to a chosen country after following the stipulated terms, he should agree to retain the services of RCIC. The amount as per the selected country, as well as the government Fees, will be paid to RCIC. The other charges such as attestation, Medicals, Police Certificate as well as translation of documents, etc. will be accountable by the client.