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The RCIC.COM Website (“Site”) is maintained by RCIC. As a user of the RCIC website, you are bound to adhere to the terms of use, privacy policy, and the laws and regulations that govern the website. RCIC reserves the right to alter the terms of use any time after they are posted on the website. Hence, please make sure that you check this page periodically. Any updates will be depicted on the bottom of the ‘Terms of Use’ section. Any violation of the terms of use gives the right to RCIC to terminate your website usage in the future as well. If the need arises, legal action will be taken against you.


The license granted to you is limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, and revocable, which allows you to use and access the website if you adhere to the Terms of Use. In case of any issue, RCIC has the right to change, discontinue, or even suspend any feature of the site and at any given time. The company also has a right to restrict your entire website access or some of its features and services without any prior notice or liability. You will be debarred from the right to use proprietary software and related documentation if access to any of it is provided to you. Also, you shall not directly or indirectly own, use, rent, lease, loan, license, sublicense, sell, assign, translate, alter, copy, adapt, or create any new or derivative works.

Except as provided in the Terms of Use, you shall have no right to directly or indirectly, own, use, loan, sell, rent, lease, license, sublicense, assign, copy, translate, modify, adapt, improve, or create any new or derivative works from, or distribute, perform, dismay or exploit (in any way) the site, or its media, software or contents in part or whole.


The Domicile country for RCIC is United Arab Emirates from where all the operations are controlled. RCIC makes no representation that the site should be used in other locations. And if you do so, you must comply with the local laws. An