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Situated in the Southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a developed economy in terms of quality of life, the health of the citizens, education standards and natural sightseeing. The service sector is the primary contributor in GDP followed by the industrial sector and agriculture. Tourism is also an important source of revenue as millions of tourists visit New Zealand for enjoying vacations. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington whereas the largest city is Auckland.

The per capita income of the country is high and the currency is New Zealand dollar. Because of its geographical isolation for 80 million years, the country is the hub of distinct species of plants and animals. New Zealand also has various attractive tourist spots. Most people residing in this country are migrated from Britain, Italy, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries. English is the official language spoken by a majority of the population while the Maori language is also an official language generally used in the legal context.

New Zealand Visa Services

For gaining entry into New Zealand for any purpose, people of other nations, with few exceptions, require a visa. The entry may due to various purposes such as study, business meeting, meeting a relative, investing in New Zealand, and enjoying sceneries in the country.

Different types of visas are issued for different purposes with different validity and conditions. For residing permanently in New Zealand, the permanent resident visa is required and other visas already issued may also help the individuals residing permanently in New Zealand by assisting in obtaining a permanent residence visa. If a student wants to study in any of the universities in New Zealand, he must obtain a study permit. The student should have a required degree and have enough monetary resources to pay the living cost and tuition fee. For investing in New Zealand, investor 1 category and investor 2 category visa are issued with different conditions. For visiting New Zealand, for a shorter time, a visit visa is required.

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