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Explore Germany

With its natural landscapes and cultural history, Germany is one of the favorite destinations for people who either want to study, work or enjoying vacations. Germany tops the list of countries with the best work-life balance as the number of working hours are least in Germany with high productivity. The education system is of high-quality and matches with the education system of other developed countries such as the USA and the UK. The education system is largely maintained by the government and scholarship programs are available for international students.

People in Germany are friendly and deeply rooted in the culture simultaneously having the touch of multicultural modernization. Public transport is fantastic and the overcrowding places are rare. Various tourist places such as Pale cliffs, Bavarian Alps, The Ultimate Fairytale Castle, The Black Forest, Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral (K├Âlner Dom), Miniatur Wunderland, The Rhine Valley, Port of Hamburg, and Berlin's Museum Island attracts tourists from all over the world.

German Visa Services

Germany is placed at number six position in the list of largest countries in Europe. Nationals of European Union countries do not require special permission or visa for traveling to the countries included in the European Union. However, the non-EU individuals must obtain a visa for getting an entry in the European Union countries. The German government issues various types of visas for different purposes. RCIC has experienced consultants that help in providing detailed, reliable and fair information, application procedure, documentation required and eligibility criteria for these different visas. If you want to visit Germany for any purpose be it for a meeting or for enjoying the country, a visit visa is required. For people wishing to work in Germany, job-seeker visas and work visas are issued. A job seeker visa is for individuals who want to find a job in Germany and is given for 6 months. The work visa is issued for people who want to work and reside in Germany. A study permit visa is issued for studying in Germany either in schools or colleges.

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