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Fraud Prevention

RCIC is committed to recognize and restrict unlawful and unauthorized practices of immigration services. As such, in line with our vision, below are a few tips that will help our customers in protecting themselves. Also, these tips will help you to distinguish genuine immigration service providers such as RCIC and to be wary of fraudulent service providers.

1. Is your immigration advisor requesting for the service charges in cash?

You should beware when the immigration advisor that you have approached asks you to pay him in cash. Although there is nothing illegal about this practice until it is done under the prescribed law but usually such transactions are not traceable. You have no evidence for the future to prove that you have paid the fee. Prefer to carry all your transaction the mode which can be easily traceable such as cheque or online transfer. Do not forget to take all the receipts and related documents for future reference.

2. Are you given the guarantee for application approval?

You should understand that while allowing a person from any other country, national security is of primary concern for the government and no nation take any chance on it whatsoever. Your application passes through strict scrutiny and if anything is missing in your application or you are not eligible, the application is bound to reject. Be cautious if any immigration practitioner guarantees you the approval.

3. Is the immigration advisor trying to convince you for applying with the wrong information?

Refrain from taking further services from those that encourage you to fill the wrong or fabricated information on your application form. This indicates that either you do not meet the eligibility criteria or the person is not experienced to take you out of the complex situation. Always look for honest, fair and experienced service providers. Filing wrong information in your immigration form may lead to serious repercussions and you may be permanently barred from filing the application form in the future.

4. Is the immigration advisor providing you ambiguous and inadequate information?

Always search for a credible immigration consultant having sufficient experience in handling the type of immigration application that you are interested in. Many types of immigration applications such as work permits, permanent resident visas, and tourist visas are available and all of them have different procedures and different eligibility criteria. Not all professionals are experts in handling all types of visas. Avoid such professionals who are not providing convincing answers specific to your questions.

5. Did you check online about the reviews of the consultant or consulting agency?

With the advancement of technology and increased interference of the internet on our lives, checking the reviews of the immigration consultant you are planning to approach may provide you with a fair idea about the working style, professional ethics, and experience of the consultant. Do not completely rely on those reviews as these reviews may be posted under a marketing campaign.

6. Have you asked for reference of consultants from your friends or relatives that have taken immigration service?

Friends and family members are the best people to provide a fair review of the immigration consultant. You should also know about the service fee and the professional competency of the consultant from your friends and family members. However, you should also take care that the person providing you advice should have taken a similar service that you are planning to take from the immigration consultant.

7. Did your immigration advisor tell you that he/she knows someone who can be of help in your immigration?

Immigration application passes through tight scrutiny and every document that you have submitted is critically evaluated. No person can interfere in the application process and the result i.e. approval or disapproval only depends upon how strongly you have made your case in front of the migration examiner by filing supporting documents. Please remember, if you are eligible, nobody can stop you and if you are ineligible, nobody can bring immigration approval for you. Avoid such immigration professionals to save time and money.

8. Are you in contact with such an immigration consultant who is promising a job and immigration approval?

Job and processing of the application are generally handled by different departments. Although a job offer is a prerequisite for applying for a work permit, having a job offer in hand may not authorize you for getting immigration approval. You may ask questions about the job opportunities in the country of your choice from your consultant but giving extra money for the job and work permit approval is a bad idea. Your application for a work permit will be scrutinized and approval depends upon the fulfilment of eligibility criteria. So, stay away from such immigration consultants.

9. Is your immigration consultant giving you a guaranteed timeline for approval?

Please understand that the application of one person is completely different from another even if they are of a similar category. Although the immigration office has provided a tentative processing time for processing different type of application these are just tentative and depends upon various unforeseen factors. The application process may be delayed due to medical check-up, holidays, background check, confirmation from the employer in case of work permit and any error in the application form. Do not rely on such an immigration consultant.

10. Are you taking services by signing the service contract?

Always ask for a service contract form the immigration advisor. The service contract is the contract between you and the advisor which indicates that you are taking the services from the consultant in lieu of a fee and it is the responsibility of the consultant to provide you with the honest, reliable and adequate service in the best possible manner. This service contract will help you in case of any fraudulent activity conducted by your consultant.

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