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Explore Denmark

Denmark is an advanced and modernized country with high living standards. The country is safe for people wishing to live in Denmark either to study or for work. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen and the currency is Danish krone. Denmark is an economically developed country with a rich cultural and historical heritage. The country has registered significant growth in almost all facets like education, the health of its citizens, productivity and national security.

The country has a high level of income equality and has a high per capita income. It has a very low rate of corruption and has democratic governance. The educational system is largely regulated by the government and there is no tuition fee for Danish students. Every year, a large number of tourists visit Denmark to enjoy the natural beauty and lavish lifestyle. The transport system is excellent in Denmark with good railway networks, motorways, and bicycle tracks. Tourist places of Denmark include Tivoli Gardens, National Museum of Denmark, Christiansborg Palace, LEGO House, and Oresund Bridge.

Denmark Visa Services

Most people coming to Denmark requires a valid visa to enter the country. The entry may be for different purposes and different types of visas are issued according to the purpose. If a student wants to study at any of the Denmark University, the Study permit visa is required while people visiting Denmark for business meetings, meeting relatives or for tourism purposes, should have to obtain a visit visa. Visit visa has a time limit of 3 months. To work in Denmark, a work permit is required. Various types of work permits are issued based on category. Various categories include Danish Positive List, Pay Limit scheme, The Corporate scheme will allow employees from a company outside Denmark to be relocated to the Danish subsidiary, and The Danish Greencard scheme. RCIC is an expert in providing detailed information related to visas required to get an entry in Denmark.

Are You Planning to visit Denmark?

RCIC helps you in obtaining the visit visa by providing detailed information about the application procedures and documentation required. Experts at RCIC also helps you in assessing the eligibility depending upon your purpose of visit.