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Denmark's education system is highly appreciated in the international community of researchers and multinational organizations. The reason for this is that the Denmark education system provides a perfect blend of professional knowledge in addition to academic knowledge by collaborating with various business houses. Danish education system follows the global education system and the students who complete their studies from Denmark are well-prepared to quickly rise in their professional career.

Danish universities offer hundreds of courses to international students and because of a wide variety of courses, the number of international students enrolling in Denmark is increasing year-on-year. Almost 20000 international students are enrolled in various universities in Denmark. Denmark stood at number five in the list countries with the best education system in the world. Even more, Denmark is considered one of the safest countries to live. The growing number of international students is fueled by an innovative approach, cooperative environment, friendly Danish students and research-based study.

For studying in this education-hub country, the student should obtain a study permit. The eligibility for studying in Denmark includes a strong financial background to pay tuition fees and living costs, admission to the university, and should have proficiency in Swedish, English, Danish or any other language depending upon the course chosen.

RCIC helps the students on getting the study permit by guiding throughout the application process and providing detailed information related to the required documents and eligibility criteria.

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Getting a Danish study permit is a quite tiring and time-consuming process. RCIC helps you in obtaining a Danish study permit quickly and hassle-free.


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