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You should visit Canada to experience and discover the dazzling life and historical tourist spots that have their uniqueness. Canada is the second-largest country in the world and is the perfect horizon of spectacular natural beauties and historic picturesque. The fast-paced living style will attract you and the lonely Rocky Mountains will take you to a different level of satisfaction. The winter season has its share of beauty with snow-topped mountains with resorts offering skies.

The holidays in Canada witness a large number of tourists from all over the world especially from the Middle East wherein the summers are too long with soaring temperature, residents prefer to visit cool destination such as Canada to enjoy their vacations.

For citizens of certain nations, Canada has the policy of free stay up to six months. For nationals of other countries, the individual must file a temporary Resident Visa form to stay in Canada for 6 months.

To maintain its national security, the Canadian Government, from time to time, changes the requirement for obtaining a visa for entry in Canada. These requirements lead to the visit visa application process complicated and cumbersome. The applicant should also convince the immigration authorities about their plan of returning to their home country. Further, the immigration authorities should be informed about the adequate money for residing in Canada for a maximum of six months. Visit visa is advantageous to those individuals who are taking courses of fewer than 6 months in Canada. Hewer, they are not allowed to do any work on a visit visa.

Interested in Visiting Canada?

Canadian Government offers various types of visit visas including single-entry visas, multiple entry visas, and transit visas. Each visa has its own set of requirements. If you want to visit Canada on a visit visa and are not well-informed about the process, contact only the immigration experts at RCIC and they will be in continuous touch until you receive the approval for entry into Canada.

Fraud Safety Warning: RCIC does not have any branches nor authorized any individual or immigration company to provide information on its behalf. You should check for authenticity before taking any immigration services.

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