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Study Permit

With 12 universities in the top 200 universities of the world and almost 200,000 international students enrolling each year, Canada is one of the finest destinations for higher studies. It is one of the favorite places for education when it comes to choosing an English-speaking nation. Canada is providing a degree with the standards like the US but at a highly affordable cost. The best universities in Canada include the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, Université de Montréal, McGill University, and the University of Alberta. Canada is also highly safe and secure in context to immigrants.

Choosing a foreign University is a remarkable confusing decision to make as the whole career depends upon this decision. If you have chosen Canada, you need to know the minute details related to obtaining a study permit in Canada. To initiate the process of Canada Study visa, the student should have to obtain beforehand the admission letter or receipt of acceptance from the university. Only after receiving such intimation, the application for Canada study visa can be applied. The visa application requires various documents such as letters for acceptance, passport photographs, ID and the information related to financial health for continuing education. RCIC immigration experts have facilitated hundreds of students with their study visa application and assist them in receiving a study visit visa.

If the University you have chosen is in Quebec province which has French as an official spoken language, the requirements, and procedure for visa application are quite different. The application for Canada study visa may either be submitted online or offline at the Canadian Visa office. The immigration authorities may also ask for medical information. After the preliminary evaluation of the application gets completed, the authorities may decide whether an interview is required or not. In case, the interview is required, the applicant would be informed about the venue and time.

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Applying for a study visit visa and following up on the procedure is quite complex. Things become more complicated immigration authorities generate a query on your application. You should only contact with RCIC immigration authorized personnel who will provide authentic and fair guidance throughout the application process and help you to secure a student visit visa to leap your career ladder.


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