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Permanent Residence

The Canadian Government has allowed the people fulfilling the requisite criteria to use the Express Entry to Canada Program. Individuals applying for Express Entry should have skilled work experience and good proficiency in English or French language. Also, individuals with high educational qualifications and can contribute to the Canadian labor market can apply for the Express Entry visa. Through this Express Entry visa, the person, with the help of any corporate firm, may be able to search for a job in Canada. After residing in Canada for 3 years, the visa holder may apply for Canadian citizenship. Canada offers a wide variety of employment opportunities in different industrial sectors for international immigrants.

The Canadian Government has set up various qualifications for an individual to apply for Express Entry. The individual should have a job offer that is valid and has been permitted by the Human Resources and Social Development of Canada. Alternatively, the individual should have at least a one-year full-time job experience in any job shortage occupations. Mandatory Medical and criminal checks of the applicant should be done before working or residing in the country. After the candidate enters the Express Entry pool, based on rank given, the top candidates selected by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) are permitted to apply for permanent residence.

Various factors affect the rank of the individual who appeared in the Express Entry pool. These factors include proficiency in English or French, work experience, age, education, employment, and compliance of educational requirements by family members.

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