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Marriage Visa

People visit Canada in search of their economic, social and cultural development. They must leave their families back in their home country. If the individual has married a Canadian citizen, the immigrant program allows the spouse and dependent children to apply for a Canada marriage visa. However, before the grant of visa, the couple should convince the immigration officer that they share a common plan and are looking forward to maintaining a strong bond.

The other immigration program also allows a person with a Permanent Residence visa to apply for a spouse visa. The prerequisites for applying for this visa is that the age of the sponsor should be more than 18 years and must support the spouse for at least three years and support the dependents for up to ten years. The dependent under this category may enjoy various benefits provided by the Canadian Government. The dependent is provided with subsidized education and language and employment programs and has access to Canadian healthcare. The dependent has the right to work, live and study in Canada. Further, the dependents also have the right to apply for Canadian Citizenship in the future.

Just providing the marriage certificate does not make the marriage genuine and the application can be rejected after submitting the marriage certificate. Canadian immigration authorities have put in place strict guidelines for preventing the entry of fraudulent and illegal immigrants. Not only the marriage visa faces strict inspection but fiancée visa applications also undergo a similar strict investigation.

Marriage visa for entry into Canada is highly cumbersome and the application passes through stringent scrutiny. RCIC is experienced to make this process easy for the applicant by guiding adequately at various stages of application and advising expert advice.

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RCIC immigration experts have helped hundreds of applicants in obtaining various visas for entry into Canada. For evaluating your chances for obtaining a marriage visa, contact these agencies and they will guide you through the process and will provide you the detail of necessary documents for visa application.

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