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Investor Visa

Canada is a highly secure country with a low crime rate and high productivity. The unemployment rate is low and the country has a world-class healthcare system. The judicial system and courts of Canada are highly respected all over the world and the country has a rich cultural heritage to attract a large number of tourists every year.

The country is among the top countries with an advanced and developed economy. Various programs are established by the Canadian government to encourage investment by foreign investors in Canada. The major sectors that largely contribute to the GDP are energy, automobiles, aeronautics, and natural resources along with international tourism.

Various types of investment strategies are available for investment in Canada. Canada's Entrepreneur Visa imparts a permanent resident status to its holder with permission to start and run business in Canada. The minimum requirements for a start-up investor is $200,000 if received through a designated Canadian venture capital fund whereas $75,000 in case of the investment is received through a designated Canadian angel investor group.

RCIC helps investors who wish to invest in Canada by guiding through the application process for obtaining a Canadian investor visa.

Wish to invest in Canada?

Obtaining a Canadian investor visa is a complex and time-consuming process with a lot of eligibility criteria. RCIC helps the investors for obtaining a Canadian investor visa by extending support through reliable, complete and detailed information.

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