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Study Permit/Visa

After the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia is the favorite destination for pursuing higher studies. The reason being the availability of high-quality education with more emphasis on practical knowledge. Australia is the country with many educators of International repute. The country has almost 22,000 courses with 1200 institutions with all levels of education including vocational education and training. Approximately 0.8 million international students enrolled in Australia out of which almost half were enrolled in higher courses. In the list of 100 Universities in the world, 7 universities are of Australia.

Various types of study permits are available in Australia. The experts at RCIC immigration have thorough knowledge and expertise on student visa and will provide you correct information related to these study permits and their respective requirements. If you are the resident and citizen from the Middle East, GCC, India and Africa and planning to study in Australia, contact only immigration experts at RCIC. These agencies will be in close contact with you and your child for getting a student visa for Australia without any strain or hassle.

Students require an Australian student visa if they enroll in a course that has a duration of more than 3 months. Through student visa, the student may able to enroll in primary, secondary, university, and postgraduate courses. The applicant should fulfill various conditions to obtain a student visa. These conditions include that the applicant has enrolled in the registered course, has proficiency in the English language, is in a healthy state, and has the financial resources to live in the country during the period of education. Student visas also allow the student to work for a maximum of twenty hours a week during the course and normal working duration during holidays.

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Immigration experts at RCIC are trained in evaluating the eligibility of an individual for the student visa. Our experts offer guidance throughout the application procedure and ensure that you receive the student visa within or before the predefined period.


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