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Marriage/Fiancé Visa

Like the services of immigration offered by RCIC, love, too, is borderless. People fall in love while they are on vacation, on a business trip or during their studies. This love is seen as a symbol of the cultural integration of two diversified nations and shattering of the International boundaries. However, love and law are guided by different principles, and as such, the immigration services offered by RCIC is guided by ethics and international immigration standards. This assists the customers in getting love and law on the same platform. If you are ready to take this union at the next level i.e. to marriage, Australian immigration offers prospects for your better half to migrate to Australia and receive a marriage visa. There are certain conditions for obtaining a marriage visa. The validity period for this visa type is nine months after the issuance of the temporary visa, in which the couple must get married to initiate partner visa application which is either temporary or permanent. Further, the marriage visa is provided only when the spouse of fiancée fulfills the character and health requirement set up by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

The experts at RCIC are experienced enough to bond families together in a fast and hassle-free way. Our experts are trained for assisting the customers to get Australian Fiancée or Marriage visa for the residents and citizens of the Middle East, GCC, India and Africa.

The condition that should be met while obtaining a marriage visa includes that fiancée, who is a permanent residence visa, has Australian citizenship, and attained 18 years of age must sponsor the applicants of a marriage visa. There should have valid and authentic proof of the continuing relationship of the last 12 months and this relationship is not formal. The applicant for a marriage visa should physically meet and convince the fiancée that this relationship is to create a strong family. More the visa examiner is convinced by the bona fide intention of the applicant, higher are the chances of granting the marriage visa.

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Various documentation formalities are required to apply and obtain the Marriage visa. Any error in the documentation may lead to a delay in the grant. RCIC immigration experts will scrutinize all the documents required for receiving a marriage visa and assist you throughout your application procedure ensuring a stress-free experience.

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