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Investor Visa

Australia is a highly developed nation with a plethora of business opportunities. Many sectors in Australia are growing at a rapid rate and investing in these sectors may result in high returns. Australia is ranked twelfth in the list of largest economies with high per capita income. However, to invest in Australia, the citizens of other countries require investor visas issued by the government of Australia. Major sectors that had witnessed significant growth are tourism, education, health, and financial services. The investor should, to obtain an investor visa, comply with the minimum eligibility criteria and are bound by various terms and conditions.

The visa is issued based on the type of investment the investor is ready to do. Various types of visas are issued based on the amount the investor is ready to invest. One type of visa is a subclass 891 investor visa. The primary requirement for receiving this visa is that the applicant should hold the Subclass 162 - Investor (Provisional) visa, have held the investment of AUD1.5 million for 4 years and must have lived in Australia at least for two years in the last 4 years. Another visa type is Australia Golden visa which requires the investment of AUD 5 million in a specific structure. RCIC, a regulatory council for immigration services, offers support to interested investors for obtaining an Australian investor visa.

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Investment in Australia requires an investor visa which may open the door for Australian citizenship. The process is complicated as various types of visas are available with various eligibility requirements. RCIC helps in guiding throughout the process of obtaining an Australian investor visa.

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