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Australia is rapidly becoming one of the finest destinations for the majority of immigrants. Thanks to its fast-growing economy and ample employment opportunities, this continent has witnessed increases rate of immigrants’ year-on-year. The climate of Australia is fantastic and so are its picturesque tourist spots. The country is providing a high-standard lifestyle along with security. The education system is highly developed with most universities are among the best in the world. Moreover, this country does not look upon the immigrants as their liability rather they are assets that increase productivity and help in the economic development of this country.

The capital of Australia is Canberra and the largest city is Sydney. The official language is English. The population in 2016 was approximately 23 million with a population density of 3.3 per square km. The currency is Australian dollar and the climate of Australia comprises of four seasons. Northern states of Australia are warmer than the Southern states with the latter experiencing cool winters. The visitors can enjoy snowfalls at various places during winters. The various famous resort of Australia provides the opportunity for skiing during snowfall.

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With a non-discriminatory immigration policy, Australia has become a hot spot for the migration of skilled workers and business people. It is estimated that more than 7 million people have migrated to Australia for a better lifestyle, enhancing business perspectives and receiving a quality education. Various factors have fueled an increased number of immigrants in Australia. Some of the factors are the fast-growing economy, low pollution. Low population density, social security benefits, picturesque landscaping, high living standards, and appearance of various Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, in the list of top lively places in the world. The weather is excellent in Australia with a year divided into four seasons.

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